Understanding Client Goals

Your company seeks a highly qualified and experienced employee benefit consulting team to perform the full range of brokerage and consulting services. Including those associated with negotiation, purchase, plan design administration and communication of a comprehensive employee benefits program. Sagacity Benefits offers the experience and expertise to meet your needs. We believe that our partnership is uniquely qualified to act as your benefits broker and consultant for the following reasons:

understanding goals
  • We know your Industry.
    Sagacity Benefits works with clients from many industries, and we have become familiar with the culture, business conditions and human resource issues that affect organizations like yours.

  • We have the Knowledge and Experience in Benefit Consulting.
    Our consulting team assists clients across the region in managing and administering a wide variety of benefits programs. We work closely with many independent clients as well as those that participate in our proprietary insurance program Iowa Public Employer Pool (IPEP). A trust program administered for public entities.
  • We have the Dedicated Resources.
    We have various TPA, carrier and vendors access allowing us to bring the best resources to each client, regardless of the level of complexity. We are able to bring medical plan management, self-funded and partially self-funded programs, flexible spending, COBRA and HRA administration, as well as carrier leverage.

  • Local Presence.
    Sagacity Benefits has a strong presence in both Illinois and Iowa. We are uniquely positioned to provide exceptional service to our clients regardless of their location.

  • Our Focus is on the Client.
    Our goal and focus is on providing the highest level of consulting and brokerage services available. We are confident that you would see such commitment moving forward.