Life Insurance

According to the US Census Bureau about 2.5 Million people die every year in the United States. Unfortunately, over half of Americans do not have life insurance, and the roughly 45% who do, most of those say they really need more. Life insurance provides protection to family members who struggle with the cost of burial expenses and are then left with that loss of income that was so important to the family’s survival. Life insurance can also preserve assets later in life.

Many times people procrastinate with life insurance because the cost is too high or they simply don’t understand all the insurance options and don’t want to make the wrong decision. Sagacity Benefits works with nearly every major insurance company in America. We run quotes on a broad range of insurance carriers and provide rates for the top 8 carriers for your specific underwriting criteria. This allows us to provide the best policy to fit your budget. We also take the time to explain your options to ensure you’re getting a policy that makes the most sense for you. Let Sagacity Benefits show you our low pressure strategy.

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